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Suckers for Succulents


We have finally found a rainbow at the end of this California drought: succulents are getting easier to find! Okay so maybe that is a bit of a stretch in finding an up side to our current situation in California, but when it comes to weddings and decorations we are always looking for easy and inexpensive ideas for our brides. Because succulents retain water in various structures, they thrive in growing conditions that are usually unfavorable to most plants. And since our current situation is less than favorable, these ornamental drought resistant plants are popping up in tons of nurseries and garden centers for lower prices.

From center pieces to favors, deserts to gardens, boho to rustic, succulents make the perfect addition to any décor and theme. Take a look at these pictures below for some more inspiration…


Worried that succulents are too laid back for the glitzy vibe you are trying to achieve? Don’t be! It’s easy to glam up the greenery by placing a variety of them in gold vases as centerpieces.

Found on Ruffled 

You’re obviously going to use your new initials all over the wedding so why not throw some succulents on there while you’re at it! You could also make something like this on a larger scale and use it as a background for a DIY photo booth. Don’t forget to hang them in your own garden afterwards since they are so easy to care for!

Found on the Wedding Chicks


If you’re channeling Shelby Eatenton from Steel Magnolias in your wedding colors (“blush” and “bashful,” not “pink” and “pink”), adding some succulents to the bouquet and floral arrangements will add a touch of green while still keeping the look soft.

Found on Floridian Social


Succulents and burlap go hand in hand…just look how cute these little guys look next to pink flowers and a little bit of lace! For easy DIY favors, you could wrap individual succulents in burlap with some twine tied in a bow.

Found on Upcycled Treasures