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Handy Dandy Wedding Planning Tips


Okay, serious question: how on Earth did brides plan their wedding before Pinterest?! With everything from bridal gowns to invitations to unique favors, Pinterest is chock-full of ways get you inspired. Even before you were engaged you probably had a wedding inspiration board with dozens of pins (don’t feel bad we are just as guilty as you are), but now that you are engaged those pins actually have the opportunity to turn into a reality. Besides hundreds of thousands of beautiful wedding inspiration photos, Pinterest is also a great source for some helpful diagrams, charts, and checklists that can make your wedding planning a little less stressful. Here are a few charts we have pinned to our Deborah’s Bridal “Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks” Board that we think might be helpful for our brides.

Post Engagement- You are finally engaged and now it's time to spread the news! Take a look at this list of things to do once that ring is on your finger.
Budgeting- Talk to your fiance and  your families (it's best for you each to privately ask your parents about how much they are willing to contribute to the wedding) about a budget before you start planning. Be practical and flexible!  
Time Management- The average couple spends around 14 months planning a wedding. These checklists are good to keep you on track with your plans as the big day approaches.
Food and Drinks- Most of the money spent on a wedding typically goes towards the reception which includes food and beverages. If you need to find your own caterer and beverages, make sure you do your research.
The Little Things- Sometimes the minor details are the ones that stress us out the most! Use these charts to remind yourself of the little things so you are less likely to forget something.
Remember that these are just a few suggestions on how you can keep yourself organized and prepared for your big day, but there aren't any set rules about planning. Remember that every detail of your big day doesn't need to be perfect. The most important part of the day is when you marry the love of your life, everything else is just background noise! For more tips, ideas, and inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.