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Meet Our Consultants


We as the consultants at Deborah’s Bridal have one job: to help you find your dream wedding gown. We are here to listen to your wants and needs, help you choose styles that make you feel beautiful, and guide you to the perfect dress for your big day. Basically, we are going to be your best friend and confidant for the time you spend at Deborah’s Bridal trying on and choosing your wedding gown. So here’s a little peek at the women who are going to become your new besties… 

Julie has been working at Deborah’s Bridal for almost thirteen years. Talk about knowing how to be a great consultant! With her experience at Deborah’s, Julie always knows what is in style and how to create a classic and timeless bridal look. Brides love Julie because she makes them feel at ease as they try on and she is great at helping them narrow down favorites in a logical manner until the bride can say “yes” to her dress.

Why she loves being a bridal consultant: “For me, its fun to help a bride figure out how she wants to present herself for her groom. A bride might know what she wants to look like for herself, but I also like helping her figure out what she wants her groom to see and feel as she is walking down the aisle to marry him. I also like to remind them about the most important things when wedding plans start to get overwhelming: all that matters is that you and your groom make it down the aisle.”


Lauren is a favorite amongst our brides; just take a look at some of her rave reviews on Yelp! She has been working as a sales associate for over ten years but in the past year and a half she has found her niche in the bridal industry. Lauren brings a fresh and stylish perspective to the table to make sure all of her brides look amazing in her gown.

Why she loves being a bridal consultant: “It’s like being in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress everyday! I love being able to create the complete look for a bride, not just the dress but all of the accessories too! I also enjoying being in the know and keeping up with the newest trends in the bridal industry when we get to see the previews for the upcoming season.”


Peggy is one of the sweetest bridal consultants you will ever meet! Through her 7 years of experience as a consultant, Peggy has retained her patience and sincerity in her love of helping a bride find her dream dress. Brides love Peggy because she is willing to go above and beyond to create the perfect look a bride is trying to achieve for her special day.

Why she loves being a bridal consultant: “There are two big events in a woman’s life: when she gets married and when she has children. Being able to be a part of one of those special moments is such an honor. All in all, being a bridal consultant is fun, rewarding, and it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by beautiful gowns on a daily basis!”


Sophie is the newest consultant at Deborah’s Bridal but has several years of experience in the bridal industry. Brides love Sophie because she is a great at not just listening to the bride, but also hearing what the bride is actually trying to get across. By putting her degree in Psychology to use, Sophie is able to read the bride’s cues and understand what is going to make her the happiest.

Why she loves being a bridal consultant: “I am one of those girls who has a Pinterest board filled with ideas about my wedding even though I am not even close to actually planning my own big day. I love being able to vicariously live through all my brides to help them find their perfect dress for their perfect day. I love making a bride feel beautiful!"