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The Third Most Important Person at the Wedding


Mom was probably one of the first people you called the second that ring was on your finger and she’s been by your side through the whole process since then. You’ve turned to her dozens of times for her opinion on everything from the font of the place cards to choosing your wedding dress. Your wedding day is a special day for her too, so its important to make sure she looks and feels beautiful. We asked one of our consultants, Caryn (we like to call her “The Mom Whisperer”), for some tips on how to make sure mom looks her best.

Q: Is mom supposed to match the bridesmaids?

A: No, mom needs to be different than the bridesmaids. She is the third most important person at the wedding after you and your groom after all! But she does need to blend with the rest of the bridal party so she doesn’t stand out like a berry on a tree. You can’t go wrong with putting mom in navy or other deep and rich colors. Champagne or silver used to be popular choices, but keep in mind that those aren’t the most flattering on some skin tones.

Q: What about the groom’s mom?

A: The bride’s mom will set the tone for the length, color family, and formality of her dress. It’s always better to coordinate with the bride first.

Q: If my dress has lace or beading, can moms’ dress have some too?

A: Splashes of lace or beading are okay but mom should not take away from the bride’s dress.

Q: What kind of flowers should mom have?

A: This is completely up to mom and whatever she feels most comfortable with. Whether it’s a wrist corsage, chest corsage, or a small bouquet, it should be her choice. The bride’s mom and groom’s mom don’t necessarily need to have the same piece either, but they should match in extravagance and price.

Bottom line, mom should feel gorgeous and be comfortable for your big day so she can enjoy it all. Keep her classic in a rich color that will compliment your bridal gown in photos and don’t let her forget to get a small purse to match to store all those tissues she will need!