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You've Got the Ring....Now What?


So you’ve got that ring on your finger….now what? It’s time to find your dress! If you are just starting the process of wedding dress shopping, you probably have tons of questions (and maybe even a little anxiety) about the whole process. But there is no need to stress! As a full service bridal salon our trained bridal consultants are here to help you through it all. Before coming in for your first appointment at Deborah’s Bridal, take a peak at these useful tips that we got from our consultants…

-Choose your entourage carefully

Going dress shopping with 12 of your closest friends, family, and coworkers might sound like fun but when you are making a decision as important as what you will be wearing on your wedding day, it can be difficult enough as it is without the confusion of dozens other opinions. Try to limit your party to two or three people who will be supportive and will make it an enjoyable and stress free process for you. For various reasons we also suggest leaving the kids at home when you come for an appointment. We all love children, but there are several safety hazards (pins, loose beads, etc.) that can be found in a bridal salon.

-Pin away!

Pinterest is a great source for finding different styles of wedding dresses. You’ve probably already created a board for the big day so you can add a couple styles that you like to show your consultant. You can also find all of our dresses that we have in our store on our website so you should browse through those too! By showing your consultant photos of the dresses you like, she will be able to pull styles that are similar and match the look you are trying to go for. But be open-minded! Your consultant might suggest something different than what you had originally thought you would like, but it could end up being the dress you walk down the aisle in.

-Set a practical budget

If all of the pictures of wedding gowns on your Pinterest board are covered in beads and crystals, you have to be realistic about how much money you are willing to spend on your designer wedding dress. If you have a price range you want to stick to, be sure your consultant is aware of it. She will make sure to steer you in the right direction to make sure you and your wallet are happy with your bridal gown.

-Be prepared to fall in love with a dress on your first visit

With over 1,000 dresses in our store, you are pretty much guaranteed to find the dress of your dreams at Deborah’s Bridal! Your consultant will help you sort through the dresses to ensure you are able to see different styles you might be considering until you are able to narrow it down to “The One”. Trying on wedding dresses is certainly a fun experience, but what a lot of brides-to-be don’t realize is that the more dresses you try on the easier it is to get confused. During a bridal appointment, a bride might try on anywhere from seven to fifteen dresses. Now imagine trying on that many dresses at four different stores. That’s almost 60 different dresses! After seeing so many it would be almost impossible for you to choose and then the experience stops being fun and just gets frustrating. Finding your wedding dress is kind of like finding your fiancé, once you find it you have to stop looking! 

All you really need for a wedding is love and a dress, so let us at Deborah's Bridal help you to find the perfect gown in an easy, stress free, and fun environment. If you have any questions about appointments, don't hesitate to call our store at 909-985-6366.